Event types

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EYES Global Summit

This is the main type of event with a focus on exploring, inspiration, networking and people. It always takes place in a major business hub in the world where we meet local companies, entrepreneurs, inspiring speakers and get a feel for the local culture.

Length: 4-5 days
Location: Major city hubs around the world
Group size: 15-40
Amount: 1-2 per year


EYES Global Retreat

The idea of Global Retreat events is to fully escape from our daily hectic lives and submerge into a new perspective with a focus on self-reflection, nature and people.

Length: 4-5 days
Location: Magical natural places around the world
Group size: 10-30
Amount: 1 per year


EYES Side Event

Side events are shorter events that are organised by our members. They are focused on having a great time with likeminded people in a fun environment.

Length: 1-4 days
Location: Diverse
Group size: 5-20
Amount: Multiple per year

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