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The Emerging Young Entrepreneurs Society

Our Mission

Bringing together talented individuals

We bring together like-minded ambitious entrepreneurs from around the world in a trustful environment with the purpose of empowering them to excel in their entrepreneurial journeys, build long-lasting friendships and to become a better version of themselves.

EYES Kuala Lumpur Global Summit
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More than just a business network

We are a global family of like-minded entrepreneurs with strongly aligned values that result in a unique atmosphere of trust, authenticity and friendship. EYES is the only one organisation that you need to be in as a young entrepreneur because with minimum time spent ...

  • we expand your horizon by taking you to amazing global places,
  • we connect you with the highest caliber of entrepreneurs in unique, intimate settings that allows you to truly explore and resolve your professional or private challenges, and
  • you will build an international network of friends.
Event types

Learn more about the different types of events we do


EYES Global Summit

This is the main type of event with a focus on exploring, inspiration, networking and people. It always takes place in a major business hub in the world where we meet local companies, entrepreneurs, inspiring speakers and get a feel for the local culture.

Length: 4-5 days
Location: Major city hubs around the world
Group size: 15-40
Amount: 1-2 per year


EYES Global Retreat

The idea of Global Retreat events is to fully escape from our daily hectic lives and submerge into a new perspective with a focus on self-reflection, nature and people.

Length: 4-5 days
Location: Magical natural places around the world
Group size: 10-30
Amount: 1 per year


EYES Side Event

Side events are shorter events that are organised by our members. They are focused on having a great time with likeminded people in a fun environment.

Length: 1-4 days
Location: Diverse
Group size: 5-20
Amount: Multiple per year

Our Values

The core values that drive everything we do



Having another’s trust; in EYES sense, an environment of unquestionable trust where members can share valuable and privileged information, knowledge and skills without being afraid that it may harm them.



Being one’s best in all levels. Excellence means having a scalable plan to realize one’s goals and having overachieved in relation to one’s age.



True to one’s own personality, spirit, or character. It feels “refreshing” to know an authentic person and to interact with him or her.



Having a distinctive vision to achieve ambitious and inspiring goals which are continuously pursued on all levels.



Leaders help others and themselves to do the right things. They set direction, build an inspiring vision, and empower others towards achieving it.

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