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Four reasons to join EYES


High level of intimacy and trust

We rarely have the chance to openly share and discuss our deepest thoughts and challenges. EYES gives you this important forum without being judged or fearing it might leak. Because trust, humbleness and understanding are the core of how we interact.


Young & Diverse

EYES is an entrepreneurial organisation exclusively from and for young entrepreneurs. As a global organisation, we value and promote international and cultural diversity in our member base.


International first

Unlike other organisations EYES it not organised in local chapters where you only get to meet the same people from the same place. We act and interact like one big global chapter.


Amazing global experiences

EYES will expand your horizon – virtually and literally. We are known for running the most amazing global events that create a super unique atmosphere of trust and friendship while fuelling your entrepreneurial power with inspiration and motivation.

Member Journey

Your journey to become part of our EYES family



EYES is a global society for young and emerging entrepreneurs. In order to join EYES you must meet the following criteria: 

  • You are between 18-35 of age.
  • You are fluent in English.
  • You are an entrepreneur or you are planning to start an entrepreneurial journey soon.

Our members are typically traditional business entrepreneurs, family entrepreneurs or high impact social entrepreneurs.


Referral & Application

In order to apply to join EYES you need to get sponsored by one of our members. If you don't have a sponsor we will connect you with our members to help you find a sponsor.

Our Membership Committee then reviews your application and you will have a range of short 1-to-1 interview sessions with a few of our members to get an initial feel for each other and see if there is a fit.

Please note that EYES also offers a Scholarship Program to those who are only just starting their entrepreneurial journey.


Prospective Guest Membership

Following a positive decision of the Membership Committee that interviewed you, you will join EYES as a Prospective Guest Member. You will then have a period of one year to attend your first EYES event. During the event you will be evaluated, and within a week you will be notified as to whether Guest Membership has been granted.


Guest Membership

After your first event our members will evaluate if you are a good match for our society and values. This determines whether you will be granted Guest Membership for a period of 12 months during which you are invited to participate in all regular EYES activities and events.


Full Membership

The final and most honorable step during the EYES journey is becoming a Full Member. The criteria for this are tough and you will be continuously evaluated and coached during your time as Guest Member to advance to this final stage.



Full Members that have passed the age of 40 automatically transition to become Alumni Members but remain invited to participate and will happily support all EYES members with their wisdom.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What are the membership fees?

As a Prospective Guest Member (PGM) there is a 500 EUR admissions fee of which 300 EUR will be deducted from the first event ticket. This is applied after the candidate passes the Membership Committee admissions interviews and they have yet to attend their first event within a year.

As a Guest Member (GM), Full Member (FM) or Alumni Member (AM), annual membership contributions will vary on age:

Less than 20 years old = 250 EUR / Year
20-25 years old =  500 EUR / Year
26-30 years old = 800 EUR / Year
31-34 years old = 1200 EUR / Year
35-40 years old = 1200 EUR / Year
Alumni = 500 EUR / Year

Please note that EYES also offers a Scholarship Program to those who are only just starting their entrepreneurial journey.


How much does an event ticket usually cost?

The event tickets can be purchased in the range of 600-1500 EUR. Prices depend on the location and the specific content of the event. Tickets cover most of the costs, such as  accommodation, food and beverage and full access to all activities and programs. (The flight to the location is not included.)

All events are organised by the EYES HQ with the help of an Event Committee consisting of EYES members with personal connection and knowledge of the chosen destination.


Who is allowed to join EYES?

EYES is a society with an extensive member selection process. To be considered for the organization, candidates must fulfill the following basic criteria:

  • You are between 18-35 years of age
  • You are an entrepreneur
  • You have international experience
  • You are fluent in English

The EYES members can be traditional entrepreneurs, family entrepreneurs or high impact social entrepreneurs.


What are the values of EYES?

Five simple values make up the core of who we are and how we act: trust, excellence, authenticity, ambition and leadership. They guide the decisions we make as an organization and help us evaluate potential members.

These leadership values keep us in check if we providing a safe and trusting environment where members can be honest and whether  we bringing in members who inspire us both professionally and personally.


Are there special fees for Alumni Members?

Alumni members may chose between the following different fee models to voluntarily support, give back and help further the growth of EYES:

  • EYES Alumni Member: 500 euro annual
  • EYES Established Entrepreneur: 2,000 euro annual
  • EYES Distinguished Entrepreneur: 5,000 euro annual

*You can voluntarily and annually choose at what level you would like to contribute.


What is expected from members?

Each Member commits to:

  • adhering to the rules of the society,
  • being actively involved in the activities of EYES and attending at least one event per year,
  • keep the HQ updated about contact details (esp. email) and work activities,
  • endeavoring to take leadership in EYES activities,
  • being actively involved in the EYES recruitment process,
  • generally supporting and protecting the interests of the society and its members, helping EYES realize its vision with both drive and contributions,
  • timely fulfilling payment duties (membership fee, event fees, and etc.), and,
  • adhering to strictest confidentiality with regards to internal EYES discussions.